Hi Warriors! We are excited to announce our next show with Chunky Paper! Do you have a Chinatown where you live? Have you visited a Chinatown in your travels? We invite Warriors to paint what makes these Chinatowns so unique be it the architecture, shops, markets, restaurants, food etc. Sorry, only US submissions at this time!

  • Artist Cut: 70% (30% to Chunky Paper)

  • Both traditional and digital pieces are welcome.

          • If you submit digital work, you'll need to drop off a signed and framed art print for the show. You can choose to use Chunky Paper's printing and framing services, see details below.

  • Max 2 pieces per artist.

  • Due to limited space, we may not be able to accommodate all artwork, and a judging panel will select the final pieces for the show.

  • Non-LA Warriors, please note you are responsible for shipping costs to the gallery and if your piece is not sold, you must cover the costs of return shipping.

Please pay attention to the following dates:

  • Sun, Oct 3 - Please let us know you plan on submitting through the “Intention to Submit Form"

  • Wed, Oct 13 - Online Form for ARTWORK SUBMISSION Deadline: https://airtable.com/shrjUVtOd73r2S4DV

  • Mon, Oct 18 - Artists will be notified if their pieces were accepted.

  • Sun, Oct 31 - Please drop off FRAMED Artwork to Chunky Paper. All shipped artwork MUST also be received by this date. We will follow up with the shipping address.

  • Fri, Nov 5 - Opening Night! Stay tuned for more details. The show will run through Nov 28.

Chunky Paper offers framing and printing services:

  • Framing services:

    • $15 for frame sizes of 8x10, 8x8, 11x17

    • $25+ for larger sizes (no custom sizing)

  • Art printing services for digital submissions (using giclee for 8x10, and photo matte paper for larger sizes):

    • $5 flat fee up to 11x17

    • $10 flat fee for larger prints, max size of 13x19

  • For specific questions, please contact them directly: chunkypaper@gmail.com.

  • Please note your artwork may need to be received BEFORE the drop-off deadline to allow time for framing/printing.