2021 #PleinAirpril Challenge Guidelines

Thank you all for participating! Because of you, we had another amazing April!
Check out the winner list (and judging process)

  1. Every day of April 2021, paint one painting based on any of the themes below and post on your Instagram to participate. Be sure to post daily for the entire month (a total of 30 paintings). Feel free to rotate the themes throughout the month:

    • #DreamTravelDestination (anywhere on earth that you’d like to visit)

    • #HiddenGem (local businesses or other spots that only locals know)

    • #TastyMemory (memorable cuisine, hometown food, etc.)

    • #GlimpseofNature (plants, garden, trees outside of your window, etc. )

(Tip: You can include these theme name hashtags so we can discover and reshare your posts more easily, but it’s not mandatory.)

  1. On each daily Instagram post starting April 1, 2021:

This post is for #PleinAirpril, organized by @warriorpainters and supported by @blickartmaterials @procreate @strada.easel @huiontablet @winsorandnewton @heavypaintapp @cottonwoodartsbook @schoolismlive @gallerynucleus

(Updated on April 3 - Changed the word "sponsored" to "supported" so that the participating posts won't get the "branded content" notification.)

(Tip: Copy-paste to save it in your device so that it's convenient when you post!)

    • The above actions are mandatory for each participating post. In addition, if you want to get featured by our sponsors or us, using relevant hashtags from below will increase your chances:

      • For digital paintings: #Procreate #huion #huiontablet #HEAVYPAINT #NoPleinNoGain

      • For traditional paintings: #CreatewithBlick #stradaeasel #WinsorandNewton #cottonwoodarts #NoPleinNoGain

  1. You can use any medium – traditional or digital, but:

    • Out of your 30 paintings, you’ll need to have at least 16 traditional paintings to be eligible for the Traditional Category prizes

    • Similarly, you'll need at least 16 digital paintings to be eligible for the Digital Category prizes

    • If you paint 10+ oil paintings, you’ll automatically be qualified for our Oil Painter Special prizes

  1. If you plan to paint outdoors, please follow the guidelines issued by CDC and your local health authorities. We encourage you to use photo references or Google Map Street View if it’s safer indoors where you are.

    • In honor of the spirit of plein-air painting, we will prioritize participants who paint more paintings from life when it comes to prize considerations - feel free to include anything in your Instagram posts as proof that you paint it from life (e.g. a photo of your setup, a short painting diary)

    • If you use someone else’s photo as reference, please respect the photographer’s terms and avoid any copyright violations

  1. If you have painted and posted each day for 30 days straight (the entire month of April) and followed all of the above rules, you will be qualified to win a prize. You must fill out this form by 12am (Pacific Time) May 3rd, 2021 to register participation: http://bit.ly/winpleinairpril

  1. Here are all the prizes confirmed by our fantastic sponsors (we're still updating this list):

  • Traditional Category (18 winners, one winner one prize)

    • 1 x STRADA Easel Gift Pack* (One easel of the winner’s choice + Two side trays + One brush washer)

    • 1 x Schoolism Critiqued Session Class

    • 1 x Schoolism Annual Subscription

    • 1 x Winsor & Newton Gouache Gift Pack*

    • 4 x Blick Art Material $150 e-Gift Coupon

    • 10 x Blick Art Material $20 e-Gift Coupon

  • Digital Category (17 winners, one winner one prize)

    • 1 x Procreate® Gift Pack (One iPad Pro with Procreate® access + One Apple Pencil)

    • 1 x Schoolism Critiqued Session Class

    • 1 x Schoolism Annual Subscription

    • 1 x Huion Tablet - Kamvas 16

    • 1 x Huion Tablet - Inspiroy Keydial KD200

    • 2 x Blick Art Material $150 e-Gift Coupon

    • 10 x Heavypaint Desktop Versions

  • Oil Painters Special (26 winners, one winner one prize)

    • 1 x Winsor & Newton Oil & Watercolor Gift Pack* (Grand Prize)

    • 25 x Winsor & Newton Oil Samples* (Runner-up Prize)

  • Los Angeles' Local Favorite (24 winners, each gets a combination of gifts)

    • TBD x Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks*

    • TBD x Schoolism Merchandises*

    • TBD x Gallery Nucleus Gift Cards*

*The #PleinAirpril Challenge is open to painters of all levels, from anywhere in the world. However, STRADA Easel Gift Pack can only be shipped to a US address; Winsor & Newton prizes can only be shipped to a US or Canada address; Cottonwood Arts prizes, Gallery Nucleus prizes and Schoolism Merchandises can only be picked up in Los Angeles. Other prizes can be shipped/emailed to anywhere in the world. Windsor & Newton oil prizes are for participants who painted 10+ oil paintings only.

  1. Winners will be selected based on these criteria:

    • Whether all the requirements are met

    • The amount of paintings done from life**

    • Artistic growth from Day 1 to Day 30

    • An online raffle system will be used where necessary

** Paintings done from life are those landscape paintings you paint on location or food/plants paintings you paint based on the real things, not from photos.

Important Notes:

  1. It is your responsibility to make sure you are following the rules. If you are selected and you have not followed all of the rules, you will be disqualified from receiving a prize.

  2. If you are a minor, please know that we will need your legal guardian’s sign-off if you won any prize.

  3. If you paint 10+ oil paintings, you’ll be considered for both the oil prizes and other Traditional Category prizes.

  4. We will form a judging panel with people affiliated with Warrior Painters to select winners. All of the judges will waive their rights from receiving any prizes. More details on our judging panel and the judging process to come.

Our Awesome 2021 Sponsors

We are also working with Gallery Nucleus on an in person gallery exhibition. We have had exhibitions at Nucleus before and encourage everyone to join!

  • Be sure to submit a photo of your painting by April 8 if you are interested! All artwork submitted must be available for sale.

  • If your submission is approved for the exhibition you will be asked to ship the framed art to: 210 East Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801, USA.

  • Final art must be framed and received at the gallery no later than April 18.

  • If you want to avoid shipping framed work, Nucleus has a framing service as well. Please check this page for more guidelines and details.